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{{answer_17359847}}, this is your chance to tell us about your proposed AIR project! Successful AIR project pitches are those that relate in some fashion to the built environment and/or social issues faced by the communities that we serve. Projects that represent an opportunity for our team to be exposed to other interdisciplinary perspectives and creative practices that might challenge our assumptions and stir debate are preferred. Successful projects are also those that include collaboration opportunities that could potentially reveal lessons, insights or innovation we might be apply in our practice. We also look for pitches that demonstrate clear deliverables and careful thought toward the time, resources or funds required to be successful.
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If the materials budget exceeds the financial commitment by HCMA, describe how the remaining funds will be raised.

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References may be provided, at your discretion.
Describe how you plan to interface with HCMA staff and what space or technical needs from us you will require throughout your proposed project. *

Describe anything else you feel we should know in order to better understand or evaluate your proposed project.

Images can sometimes speak louder than words. If you have sketch, photos, videos or a document you would like to share with us to support your project idea, we'd love to see it.

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We will review your project idea with our team and get back to you within three weeks from the date submitted.If you have any further questions or thoughts, please contact Mark Busse, Director of Creativity and Engagement via
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